R-32 The Eco-Friendly Refrigerant.

R-32 The Eco-Friendly Refrigerant.

It is a burning issue to protect the environment and is one of the most important issues to save society. The authority changes the law for businesses to protect the environment, in every field.

  • Environmental protection is a responsibility for every individual and organization. 
  • Voltas, the largest air conditioner manufacturer of India acting towards to introduces the new Eco- Friendly refrigerant R-32 in its air-conditioners.


Because an air-conditioner with the new refrigerant R-32, ensures approximately 68% low global warming potential (GWP), it can contribute to saving the environment with enjoying the desired cooling and healing atmosphere.

 R-32 can use not only as a part of R-410), but as a batter refrigerant for the refrigeration industries and instruments.

  • R-32 Protects the environment and have a minimum impact.
  • It reduces maintenance costs significantly.
  • It increases the comfort level of the user.
  • It has no bad impact on the ozone layer.
  • It increases the comparative power efficiency in comparison to the other refrigerant.
  • R-32 is technician- friendly,  with extremely low toxicity level and no harmful impact.

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